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Teaching pupils to be LOUD – Helmsley Community Primary school gets a visit from the Town Crier

Pupils taught the history of town criers, and how to write and perform a cry, ahead of national summer competition

Pupils at Helmsley Community Primary School had their vocal cords put to the test when the award-winning town crier paid them a visit.

David Hinde, who holds the World Record for the loudest cry, spent time with all 100 pupils across the school, teaching them about the historic role of the town crier, along with offering some advice on how to write and deliver an award-winning cry.

The pupils wrote and performed their own cries and David had even written a special cry which he delivered in the school assembly.

The visit came ahead of the National Town Crier Competition being hosted by David and the Helmsley in Business group on July 21st 2018 – the biggest to be held in Yorkshire for many decades. Town criers from around the world will be competing at the Helmsley Walled Gardens, including one travelling from Bermuda and one from Nova Scotia.

David also told the pupils about several trophies won over the bank holiday weekend on behalf of the town, having claimed first place for both his Cries and best overall performance at a competition at Bromyard in Herefordshire and then being awarded the Best Dressed Town Crier Award at a competition in Haslemere, Surrey.

David said: “The pupils were great – they had so many questions about Town Crying. After some guidance, the pupils wrote and delivered some great cries about events in the town and school. They were so excited to meet their Town Crier and lots were planning to ask their parents to take them to the competition in July, in the Walled Garden, which will be free to enjoy. We’d love to show the competing criers lots of support, so that’s great news!”

Claire Lamb, headteacher at Helmsley Community Primary School, added: “I think this is the first time we’ve actually encouraged our pupils to shout! At Helmsley we provide opportunities for all of our pupils to develop their confidence in speaking.  It was great to see so many pupils perform their ‘Cry’ during assembly in front of their peers.  A thoroughly positive, and loud, experience for everyone.

David is an experienced member Of the Ancient & Honourable Guild Of Town Criers, of which there are over 150 members nationwide. The role of town crier dates back many centuries to the time of William the Conqueror when they were used to proclaim local bylaws, market days and news in the days before most people could read. They are famed for their elaborate regalia often includes the famous tricorn hat.