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Full speed ahead for Helmsley gallery as it aims to become the UK’s largest supplier of automotive artwork

Lazenby Visuals gains a worldwide customer base for its specialist collection

A North Yorkshire business is aiming to become the UK’s largest physical and online supplier of automotive and motorsport inspired artwork. 

Lazenby Visuals in Helmsley was set up by Chris Lazenby five years ago, selling artwork from local artists and Chris’ own photography, alongside offering a bespoke framing service. However, over recent years the owner has also been combining his love of visual art with his passion for cars and motorsport. In addition to running the gallery, Chris doubles as a successful motorsport photographer, often travelling the world to photograph GT and endurance racing. In the first 12 months of doing motorsport professionally, Chris photographed events in Dubai, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Holland and has just recently returned from a race in Sicily. During this time Chris has supplied images to some of the world’s leading GT teams as well as manufacturers such as Mercedes AMG and Aston Martin. 

The Helmsley gallery and corresponding website has expanded to accommodate Chris’s love of the automotive world, now stocking his own work along with pieces from artists from as far afield as Denmark and Chile. The gallery is home to over 200 pieces of automotive work, currently from more a dozen different artists and this is still growing. The range includes everything from limited edition prints and traditional acrylic paintings, to more contemporary digital artwork.

With the online store offering free worldwide shipping, Lazenby Visuals has attracted interest from around the world. A large proportion of sales are sent to the US, as well as mainland Europe and Australia. At least 30 per cent of the gallery’s online traffic comes from America. Upon his recent return from Sicily, Chris had orders to send out to Oklahoma, Nevada, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Ontario, Vancouver, Slovenia, Dubai, France and Japan, as well as within the UK.

Chris Lazenby, owner of Lazenby Visuals, who is also a retained firefighter for the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The automotive world is my personal passion, so it’s a dream come true to be able to combine my work and my hobby. There’s so much interest in automotive art from fans such as myself and I wanted to bring it all together as much as possible, so people could always find what they wanted. Having work from so many different artists allows us to stock a wide range of different styles and covers many brands of motor vehicles. Also working with so many different artists we’re in a prime position to help people commission artwork of their own vehicles. 

“As well as stocking artwork from the UK, we also have pieces from artists in Denmark, Chile, Spain and the Ukraine and we have others in the pipeline as well. I like to work closely with the artists, forging a good relationship with them and because of this, Lazenby Visuals is the sole retailer for a number of artists, meaning you can’t get these pieces from anywhere else. We get a lot of very specific requests, and if we don’t already have what someone is after we usually know an artist who can help.” 

For more information and to see the items in the collection visit www.lazenbyvisuals.com/automotive-art

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