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"Visit Helmsley" is the official website for "Helmsley in Business". We are a group committed to promoting the beautiful market town of Helmsley, the only market town located within the boundary of the North York Moors National Park.

Our membership is varied, incorporating pubs, hotels, tourist attractions, cafés, restaurants and retailers including boutiques, delis, galleries, salons and gift shops. We offer quality accommodation, good transport links and plenty of interesting and unique things to do; whether you are looking for good food, shopping and relaxation, or if you are looking for action and adventure!

Watch out for the "Free WiFi" icon for all businesses in Helmsley that offer that valuable facility and look here for a Business Map. If you want to get in touch with the Committee for Helmsley in Business, please use this email address: enquiries@visithelmsley.co.uk.

Magna Carta: The 800th Anniversary

Helmsley will be celebrating Magna Carta Day - June 14th 2015 - in style.
Check back soon for details.

In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede, a video has been produced, giving a brief history of Magna Carta, Helmsley and its Baron, Robert de Ros (pronounced "Roos"!)

The video is presented by Helmsley Town Councillor, Martin Vander Weyer.

The official Magna Carta Barons website details the plans that towns & villages are making to celebrate 800 or more years of their history in 2015. Click here for Helmsley's page.

From the "Magne Carta Barons" website:
The names of the twenty-five barons elected as sureties or guarantors of Magna Carta are now part of the historical record.

Their lives and achievements have been well documented and, rightly or wrongly, many people proudly claim descent from them. Yet these men were very much a product of those unsettled times. They were the aristocratic elite of Anglo-Norman society, holding large swathes of land from the king, particularly in the North of England and East Anglia.

Each baron had at least one barony that was made up of a number of fees or manors, and one manor in particular was the caput onouris, the chief manor. Eight centuries later, unsurprisingly, few of the barons' descendants are connected with the communities that developed on these manors.

More information regarding Helmsley's celebrations for Magna Carta will be posted shortly.

UK's Best Small Shop 2015

Hunters of Helmsley who have just won "UK's Best Small Shop 2015" at the House of Commons today (25th February 2015).

Huge congratulations to Chris, Christine and all the staff who work so hard and are so deserving of this National recognition! Read one of the first news articles here: The Grocer Magazine.

Visit Helmsley | Promotional Video!

Following on from our "teaser trailer" which generated over 300 views in 3 days, this is the official promotional video. Enjoy!

You will see at the top of each page, just under the "Visit Helmsley" logo, an icon for YouTube. This will take you directly to the Visit Helmsley channel on YouTube owned by Helmsley in Business and operated by Blue Box Support.

All our online media will be published here going forward, so pay the channel a visit and please "Subscribe"!

View the video directly on YouTube here.

AOL: Best Christmas Breaks in the UK

Following on from the Daily Telegraph feature on the Best Places to Raise a Family, internet firm AOL has published a report on the "Best Christmas breaks in the UK".

Starting with; "If there's no way you'd be anywhere but the UK during the festive period but would still like to escape your home town for a Christmas mini-break, here are some cracking destinations for Christmas markets, ice skating and festive fun......"

The article goes on to feature Helmsley as one of only eleven locations!

Read the article here.

Daily Telegraph: Britain's Top 20 Best Places to Raise a Family

Helmsley has featured in the Daily Telegraph, in a secion focussed on the Top 20 Places to Raise a Family in Britain. Helmsley came in at Number 11, which is a fantasic advert for the town. Skipton came in at number 8 and no other Yorkshire locations featured in the Top 20!

See the article here.

The article says, "The market town of Helmsley has a recently opened, proper, old-fashioned sweet shop, with row upon row of jars filled with all the old favourites," explains Ben Pridden of Savills York. If you are reluctant to see your offspring stuffing themselves with humbugs and liquorice allsorts, there are plenty of alternative attractions. Try the riding school in the grounds of the Duncombe Park Estate, or the doll's house collection at Nunnington Hall. The surrounding moors are ripe for roaming, too.

Selection of Events @ Helmsley Arts Centre
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